Solar living for the whole family.Designing, building and living successfully in a 100% solar powered home for off grid living takes time, research and can be somewhat stressful with all the many decisions - many based on educated guesses and calculations.

To achieve total power from the sun AND still enjoy today’s modern conveniences (read: air-conditioning, refrigeration, large screen TV’s, laptops, etc.) there are many considerations – and we will take you through these.

Living off the grid – 100% on solar power -  means living small, and that’s a good thing! We’ve learned to downsize from a 4 bedroom home in a quaint subdivision to our 816 sq. ft., one bedroom/loft/one bath home and love it!

Having a purposeful home was one of the main reasons we decided upon our way of life. As we matured, re-evaluated our priorities and life’s important things we realized that a gigantic home with a gigantic mortgage was no longer appealing to us.

  • We bucked the norm and now live small without a gigantic home mortgage

  • We enjoy the freedoms of living with less-less stress, less yard work, less upkeep, less material objects. Less time on those items means more time for other pleasures! For us that’s visiting the kids, beekeeping, gardening, and sailing!

  • We live smartly and economically.

  • We also try to live sustainable in regards to other aspects in our solar home such as: composting, grey water and recycling.

  • We enjoy a more fulfilling and relaxed lifestyle.

We live in a house that we designed and built that is ‘off grid’ and receives 100% of its electrical  needs via solar power. We could not be more satisfied with the performance of our solar system – we are living the ‘solar’ promise with all the ‘luxuries’ of modern life – including air-conditioning and refrigeration!

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Joe and Karin

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