Planning for Off-Grid Solar Living

Our solar energy journey began several years ago when Karin and I purchased property in central Texas with a personal goal to design and build an energy efficient house that we could power completely by solar for our electricity requirements. I immersed myself in learning all I could about going solar - the possibilities, limits, challenges, system design options, installation and configuration.

When I was undergoing my personal solar journey, I could not find a single resource to teach me all I wanted to know about solar. I learned all I could from all the vast resources scattered across the internet about solar, which took a lot of time, effort, and research. I eventually became the 'expert' that I was wanting to consult with.

I designed, installed and configured a photovoltaic system that provides our house with 100% of its electricity needs.

Our house is located in central Texas – a location where air-conditioning is a necessity. The heavy power requirements of running an air conditioner in central Texas was my biggest concern as I was designing the system. Furthermore, we could not locate a case study - at least in central Texas - of anyone successfully doing this. We couldn’t be happier with the lifestyle our solar system provides.

If you’re thinking of living on solar by installing a system yourself, or having someone do it for you, education is key. Learning all there is to know about solar enables you to make wise decisions concerning your power needs and possibly save you lots of money.

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Joe and Karin