Oh Christmas Tree! My first Lesson in Solar Living

Lessons on energy consumption and why LED lights matter

Like many of you this time of year, I was having a fine time listening to Christmas carols, sipping cider and decorating our little tree. Being as our Christmas tree was so small, and it had those little tiny lights, I  thought there would be no problem lighting our Christmas tree using the bulbs that were already pre-hung on the tree.

I had the tree plugged in for almost half the day when Joe came home to discover the lovely little tree decorated and lights twinkling. His first instinct was to run and check the power monitor hanging on the wall-the one that I was still learning to work and decipher. I naively told him there wasn’t any possible way that tiny tree with tiny bulbs could burn that much electricity-surely he was over reacting. The thought of having Christmas without little twinkling lights was something I wasn’t prepared for!

At this point he proceeded to instruct me on my first lesson in power consumption-something you MUST be aware of when living off the grid.

Here’s the lesson:

As you can see, the LED lights saved Christmas! lol! I’ve become much more power conscious since that time, AND I’ve learned to read the power meter hanging on the wall. Living off the grid makes you aware of every watt of electricity you use-and that’s a good thing! SO- if you live off the grid, or on the grid, be aware of the amount of energy you’re using this holiday season. Use LED bulbs and use timers to limit the amount of time the lights are on. Your world will thank you and so will your pocketbook!

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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

 Karin and Joe