Designing a Retractable Loft Ladder

Designing a Retractable Loft Ladder for a small space

 When building a solar home, it is important to consider every aspect of your home, including the floor plan and how much space you need. One important concern I had was the amount of floor space the loft ladder would take up, since I was concerned with furniture placement and room flow.

 Joe, on the other hand, wanted to build a substantial sized ladder –sturdy and heavy with a hand rail- all for safety reasons. We looked at several types of ladders, styles, and sizes -including many used in tiny homes. We eventually decided on a ship’s ladder with hardware that allowed it to pivot against the wall when not in use.

With the pivoting ladder, we are able to push the ladder against the wall when it is not in use in order to free up extra space in the kitchen/living area.

I couldn’t be happier with the ship’s ladder design and its pivoting functionality. It’s a piece that gets many compliments for its craftsmanship, beauty and functionality.  Our guests that stay in the loft appreciate the ship’s ladder design as it provides a feeling of security.

The materials needed for the pivoting hardware are really quite simple.

Hardware for the pivoting ladder:

Home Depot -36” inch, ½ inch gas pipe –threaded on both ends

Home Depot - 2 – ½ inch Gas elbows-spray painted black

Home Depot - 2- ½ inch gas flanges-spray painted black

One set of barn door handles. –Amazon

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