Hi! I’m Karin and together with my husband, Joe - we’ve gone off grid.   

Yep, totally.

We’re not your average off the gridder. Not your dooms day prepper; Not your anti-government fanatic; Not your living off the land and eating berries hippie; Nor are we hunting for dinner on our 10 acres.
Ok, maybe so maybe we’re a tiny bit of all these!?!😳

Why, you might be asking, did we go off grid?
Well, don’t think it was an easy sell. Joe had some convincing to do!

So, first and foremost, Joe has always been fascinated with solar. It has always been a dream of his to live with some type of solar power. He knows LOTS about it.

Secondly, we are all about sustainability and keeping it green. We want to do our part to preserve God’s beautiful creation. So grey water usage, composting, recycling and disturbing the land as little as possible are important to us. We wanted to incorporate sustainability in our way of living as much as possible.

And third, we are empty-nesters. Our kids have left the nest and we felt it time to set new goals and explore our new found freedom. These included freedom from mowing the yard (Joe hates mowing-unless he’s on a tractor-apparently there’s a difference??), freedom from financial stress, freedom to travel, freedom to live in beautiful surroundings and doing what we love, freedom from cleaning and clutter. 

How did we do it?
Well, that’s where this blog comes in. I’m going to take you through our journey starting from the beginning- from the time we found our property to the day we sat in the local brewery and drew our cottage plan on a bar napkin, to the time Joe convinced me to go COMPLETELY off the grid.

So what’s up with the ‘off the griders’ from The Texas Hill County?

  • Joe loves solar and knows LOTS about it. Joe designed our unique solar system which lets us live off solar 24/7/365 in Texas!

  • We aren’t carpenters, painter, tilers, floor experts, or electrician-we just have drive and determination to learn and do things for ourselves (O.K., we had a budget too😳).

  • We sold our four bedroom house, placed most of our belongings on craigslist and moved into temp quarters. It took us 1.5 years of working almost every weekend before we moved in to an UNFINISHED house.

Joe and I will be sharing our journey of building our dream home and hope you get inspiration for yours along the way!

If you’d like to receive information on what I call “modern” off grid living, just click HERE to visit our YouTube page!

Blessings from Texas!
Karin & Joe